Hungary fans fight with police at Wembley Stadium

Hungary fans caused trouble in the stands at Wembley in a 1-1 draw with England in the 8th round of Group I of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers this morning.

Hungary fans fight with police at Wembley Stadium

Hungarian fans fight with police

The incident of Hungarian fans fighting wildly in the stands at Wembley happened just 5 minutes after the match took place. As confirmed by the Metropolitan Police, not long after the referee blew the whistle to start the match, security forces went to the stands to arrest a Hungarian NHM, because this person had serious racist behavior aimed at 1 staff member on duty in this match.

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The arrest angered a crowd of Hungarian fans and fought back with security forces. The same situation also took place in some other areas in the stands for the away team’s NHM.

During a melee with the police, a Hungarian fan was hit in the head leading to profuse bleeding. Although the crowd of Hungarian fans was very aggressive, British police quickly brought the situation under control and restored order in the stands at Wembley.

According to The Sun, this aggressive crowd of Hungarian fans is the same group of fans who racistly targeted England players in the first leg match between the two teams in Budapest. Because of this incident, Hungary was fined by UEFA to play a home match in an empty stadium.

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1 Hungary fan bleeding profusely

British media said that the FA is completing a dossier to report the incident at Wembley to the European Football Confederation. It is not excluded that the Hungarian Football Federation must receive another penalty from UEFA.

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