Jurgen Klopp: ‘We are really cruel’

Jurgen Klopp praised the ruthlessness of Liverpool’s attack on the day of destroying rival Man Utd.

Jurgen Klopp: ‘We are really cruel’

Klopp sympathizes with his colleague Solskjaer

On the day Mohamed Salah and his teammates played explosively, Liverpool easily destroyed Man Utd right at Old Trafford. This win confirms The Reds’ position in the Premier League title race, and gives them an exciting mentality in the coming matches.

Winning a derby always brings special emotions and Jurgen Klopp is no exception. The German military leader praised the students for taking advantage of the opponent’s space to score and end the match after only the first 45 minutes.

Klopp said: “In front of the opponent’s goal, Liverpool were especially outstanding. Our players showed ruthlessness when they had the ball in the bottom third of the pitch. Tonight is really great for me. Liverpool are having a top team with top players.

Liverpool made the difference, merciless in front of goal and that’s why there was a 4-0 lead after the first 45 minutes. In the second half, Liverpool had more goals and Pogba’s red card, the match soon ended. We try to control the game for the rest of the game and avoid unnecessary injuries.”

Besides, Klopp said that he sympathizes with his colleague Ole Solskjaer. The German strategist continued: “I understand the feeling of losing in derbies, this has happened to me too. After a heavy defeat, you don’t want to answer questions in the press room and neither does Solskjaer. He certainly didn’t have a good night and I sympathize with him.”

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