Man Utd agrees to let Dean Henderson leave

Due to not being able to compete with De Gea, Dean Henderson wanted to leave in the January transfer window and was approved by the Man Utd board.

Man Utd agrees to let Dean Henderson leave

Henderson is looking for a new stop in January

Last season, Dean Henderson made 26 appearances for Man Utd in all competitions, but he has only played one this season. Worse, that only game for Henderson, MU lost to West Ham and was knocked out of the League Cup.

Due to Covid-19 in July, Henderson soon lost to De Gea in the competition for number 1 in MU’s wooden frame this season. Although Man Utd had a bad start to the season, De Gea was still impressive and importantly, he made no mistakes.

Unable to compete for the position with his senior, Henderson was determined to come out in the January transfer window. The 24-year-old goalkeeper wants to play regularly to have the opportunity to attend the 2022 World Cup. In this November gathering, Henderson was not named by Southgate because of a lack of playing time.

In the wooden frame of England, Henderson is now only the number 4 choice, after Jordan Pickford, Aaron Ramsdale and Sam Johnstone. To compete for a place in Qatar with the Three Lions, Henderson was forced to play regularly and show up in the second leg of this season.

According to SunSport, MU has also agreed to let Henderson leave, even ready for a long-term loan. The English goalkeeper was allowed to sign an 18-month contract with the new club in January.

Currently, the “rich guy” Newcastle is very interested in buying Henderson in the process of reforming the force. They believe that the 24-year-old goalkeeper can improve the quality of the defence. Since the beginning of the season, “Chicken” has conceded 24 goals after 11 rounds, the second most in the Premier League. The team that is conceding the most is Norwich with 26 goals.

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