Too disappointed, Man Utd fans left early

Too disappointed with the performance of the home team, hundreds of Man Utd fans left early after the first 45 minutes.

Too disappointed, Man Utd fans left early

After an impressive comeback in the Champions League, Man Utd is expected to revive strongly in the English derby. However, the most awaited match in the 9th round of the Premier League was soon decided in the first half.

Due to poor defense, Man Utd easily conceded 4 goals in the first half. Naby Keita, Diogo Jota and Mohamed Salah’s double helped Liverpool create a huge advantage. This result made Man Utd fans extremely disappointed.

Too disappointed, Man Utd fans left early - 2

For the first time in Premier League history MU lost 0-4 after the first half

That’s why, after the whistle to end the first half, hundreds of Red Devils fans left Old Trafford in droves. They are too disappointed, not patient and optimistic enough to believe that Solskjaer teachers and students can create a comeback like the match a few days ago in the Champions League.

According to Opta statistics, in the Premier League era, this is the first time MU has lost 0-4 right in the first half. It has surpassed the endurance of Man Utd fans, especially when the Red Devils have disappointed in 3 rounds before.

Too disappointed, Man Utd fans left early - 3

MU fans left Old Trafford in droves after the first half

After the 0-5 defeat to Liverpool, a large part of Man Utd fans criticized the soulless performance of coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s teachers and students. Most called for the Norwegian military leader to resign after this shameful defeat.

Man Utd’s bad situation may not stop there because from now until the beginning of December, they will continue to face many difficult challenges such as Tottenham Atalanta, Man City, Villarreal, Chelsea or Arsenal.

With 4 consecutive matches with only draws and losses in the Premier League, Man Utd has dropped to 7th place in the table and is currently 8 points behind the top team Chelsea. Many experts soon kicked the Red Devils out of the championship race.

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