VIDEO: Neymar suffered a terrible injury

Neymar suffered the most terrible injury of his career when his ankle was bent at a 90-degree angle.

VIDEO: Neymar suffered a terrible injury

Neymar’s left ankle is bent when landing

Neymar suffered a severe drought in the match between St.Etienne and PSG tonight. The Brazilian striker started with Messi and Mbappe on the away team but continued to have a poor performance.

Not only the lackluster performance, Neymar also suffered a serious injury in the last minutes of the match. In the 83rd minute, the Brazilian striker dribbled the ball in the middle of the field and was tackled by a St.Etienne player from behind. While dodging, Neymar’s left foot caught on the opponent’s side and was bent 90 degrees.

Immediately after falling to the field, Neymar cried and screamed in pain. The close-up angle shows the striker in tears while the referee and his teammates are also extremely bewildered.

The medical team was called on to the field immediately to give Neymar first aid. However, it also took them up to 5 minutes to bring the world’s most expensive star off the field.

In this match, PSG was suddenly led by St. Etienne from the middle of the first half. However, they had the advantage over 45 minutes after Timothée Kolodziejczak was sent off. Thanks to that, PSG easily scored 3 goals thanks to Maquinhos (double) and Di Maria to win 3-1.

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