Score808 is illegal in your region – try this legal alternative:

Score808 claims to show free live streams and links to some of the biggest, live sporting events that are otherwise shown on official broadcast channels from around the world – Score808 is mostly popular in Malaysia, Kenya, Indonesia and Nigeria. They are strictly illegal to access and the HSI (in the United States) seized their main domain, during the 2022 World Cup.

To watch live matches on these TV channels, you should check our Live Football TV and follow the links to the official rights holders rather than use MamaHD.

About Score808 Live Streams

The best platform that provides services for watching world soccer sporting events is Score808. If you want to watch international sporting events in the form of live broadcasts, then one of them is using the services of Score808.

You can use this score 808 to watch live NBA football and basketball events. So, if you are a big fan of international football events or basketball events, then don’t miss the explanation about Score808, which is at below.

The method most often used by users is to watch it through a special live platform, for example Score808. Are there other services that users can use? There are still many types of similar platforms that you can use.

On this occasion, we will discuss more about Score808 because it is one of the best live stream platforms that broadcasts world cup events and other prestigious world sporting events.

You can find Score808 in the form of an application or the official website. If you want to download this application, you can go through the website from the original Score808. Most users watch the world cup via Google Chrome and search for this website.

You won’t find the Score808 application in the Google Play Store, but you have to look for it through the official Score808 website first. The platform for live broadcasts of sports matches is not easy to reach.

You must really have a link from the original website in order to enjoy the existing services. Actually, if you don’t want to download the application, you can because the program can be seen on the website.